ANPR System



Advantages of LOYALTY-SECU ANPR System

1.Professional All in One ANPR Solution

With the High Stability and High Accuracy Automatic Number Plate Recognition Rate (>98%), particularly suitable for Parking Lot, Gas Station, Car Wash, High-way Toll, Exit & Entrance of Community etc.

2.120+ Countries Global License Plate Recognition Ability

With the high compatibility license plate recognition feature, ensures LOYALTY-SECU providing the one-stop service to the clients, reducing their system integration cost, shortening product customization cycle.

3.Powerful ANPR Software Platform for Parking Lot

ANPR software manages the whole parking lots from entrance and exit to charging, like control vehicle barriers, gates, traffic lights, and message signs etc.

4.Continuous R&D Investment

Continuously improve the product performance, adapt to the latest market demand, and maximize the license plate recognition rate and stability.

5. ANPR System Customization

LOYALTY-SECU Provides customers with diversified customized needs, such as the LED Display Screen, Barrier Gate, ANPR Equipment Housing, Video Parking Guidance and so on.


Brand Stepper Motor

Adopting the brand and high accuracy stepper motor, work with the high work performance motor driver, ensure the PTZ camera work under a stable, accurate, and less vibration condition.


Brand Slip Ring

Using the brand slip ring to achieve the long and stable using life, save the surveillance system budget for the customers. Moreover, accepts the PTZ Camera’s slip ring customization, to meet different kind of requirements from the clients.


Excellent Heat Dissipation

Adopt high quality LED lights, preset reasonable power value, facilitate product heat dissipation. All heat-generating parts are mounted on the aluminum alloy parts, which brings excellent cooling effect.


PTZ Camera Module Customization

Accept any kind of high end PTZ camera module customization, such as Uniview, Hikvision, Dahua for government & high profile project integration.


Design Patent for Housing

All the PTZ cameras using the high quality, waterproof, weatherproof private house, brings the different housing size and IR work distance for option.


10+ Years Overseas Export

Equipped with excellent & rich overseas team, always ready to provide the tailored surveillance solution and procurement cost savings for your importation. Our market mainly focusing on American, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Korea etc.


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