4MP HD Network Starlight Vehicle LPR ANPR License Plate Number Recognition Reader Camera

Model: LY-LPR-MB05

* The LPR Camera License Plate Number Recognition Rate is higher than 99.9%.
* 4MP HD Resolution, the highest picture resolution can reach to 2560*1440.
* Use video compression technology H.264 for video encoding and JPEG encoding for frame capture.
* Equipped with a fill light, the built-in fill light can be forced to turn on in sections.
* Support local recording on PC
* With three detection modes: coil detection, video detection, coil detection + video detection.
* Supports OSD information overlay function and video/picture overlay watermark.
* Supports whitelist import and export functions to achieve fuzzy matching of whitelists.
* With SDK development kit & API protocol interface for second development.
* It has remote client control function, which can remotely configure parameters, preview videos, and perform upgrades.
* Support configuration file import and backup.
* Supports manual button reset, restoring initial IP address, username, password and factory default settings with one click.
* Surge protection level: 6KV (exceeds national standard level 4).
* Power supply: DC12V.Product Dimension: 443 mm*146 mm*105 mm.


LOYALTY-SECU License Plate Recognition Camera can extract and recognize vehicle license plates in motion from a complex background and recognize vehicle license plate information through technologies such as license plate extraction, image preprocessing, feature extraction, and license plate character recognition.

LOYALTY-SECU LPR camera LY-LPR-MB05 with low power consumption and high-performance ARM processor and 4MP CMOS sensor, it is an intelligent license plate recognition device integrating license plate detection, recognition, and management. The ANPR camera is a smart high-definition license plate recognition product based on embedded technology specifically for the parking lot industry. It is the best application form of car park management system license plate recognition function. The License Plate Number Recognition Cameras are widely used in all kinds of parking lots, communities, highway entrances and exits, automobile 4S shops, unattended weighing systems and other scenarios.


ANPR Camera Applied to Europe Cross-Road for License Plate Capture

ANPR Arabic License Plate Number Recognition

How The LPR ANPR Camera Works

The ANPR camera with built-in latest hardware which with video analytics function to recognize the different types of vehicle’s license plate number automatically.
The camera itself has a head-detection function when vehicle pass to capture the picture.
After adopted the ANPR Camera helps the administrator to save time and do a better job at monitoring the parking area, also helps parking system administrator to track number of cars parked in the parking lot and removes hassle from the daily task of manually counting parking cars.
The LPR camera also with the SDK, so the customer can integrate the ANPR technology to their system effectively and seamlessly.

ANPR Camera System Supported Area


Taiwan/Hongkong/Macau of China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE etc.


Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, UK, Greece, Romania, Spain, Serbia, France, Russia, Poland etc.

North American: 

Canada, USA 

South American: 

Brazil, Chile, Colombia


South African


For other countries, please use LOYALTY-SECU LPR Camera +ANPR Software Combination to achieve the Automatic License Plate Number Recognition.


ANPR Camera System Project in Malaysia

Main Features

* Stable and Reliable Work Performance, Rich and Diverse Interfaces


LY-LPR-MB05 is a 15-inch LPR camera with IP65 protection design to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation in typical scenarios.

The LPR camera is equipped with up to 4 inputs, 2 outputs, 2 RS485 and zoom lens, and the interface surge protection level is 6 kV. It can meet the daily connection needs of different equipment such as ground sensing coils, barrier gates, and LED displays in different scenarios.


* 4MP High-Definition Imaging Effect


LY-LPR-MB05 ALPR camera adopts the industry-leading 4MP starlight imaging solution and can output photos with a resolution of up to 2560*1440. Under the same imaging effect, the resolution of MB05 is more than 80% higher than that of ordinary 2-megapixel cameras. With the help of intelligent deep learning ISP (Image Signal Processing) algorithm, MB05 can not only meet customers’ needs for full scene license plate recognition, but also provide more vehicle details to help customers improve the recognition rate of the algorithm.


* Comprehensive Development Docking Support


SDK development kit: Provides Windows, Linux, and Android, and development languages include VB, C#, Delphi, and C++

API protocol interface: Provides API interfaces based on standard protocols such as TCP, HTTP, MQTT, etc. to realize transmission between the camera and the platform system.

* Meet the Different Needs of Various Application Scenarios 


This 4MP ANPR camera has richer functions and interfaces, providing users with a variety of choices to meet the different needs of various application scenarios. Such as parking lot entrances and exits, community entrances and exits, highway entrances and exits, new energy charging piles, garage floor locks, unattended car washes, car 4S shops, unattended weighing system and other scenarios to help unattended people, especially suitable for Commercial parking lots with large traffic volume and high profits.


* Large Capacity for the Camera Housing

LOYALTY-SECU LY-LPR-MB05 comes with a 15-inch case, it has enough internal space to accommodate various interfaces, indicators, and buttons. In addition, its shell can be easily opened to facilitate installation, debugging and maintenance, further enabling function expansion.



4MP LPR Camera Control Mainboard

LPR Camera with Metal Retractable Bracket & Filling Light

4MP ANPR LPR Camera Datasheet















Recognition Algorithm

Comprehensive license plate recognition rate

97% or above

Unlicensed vehicle detection rate

99% or above

Anti-counterfeiting rate

99% or above

Recognition angle

The maximum angle on the left and right is 65°, and the maximum angle up and down is 60°

Stable recognition rate at a large angle

97% or above

Recognition distance

2~12 m

Vehicle speed


License plate recognition type

Able to recognize license plates of Taiwan/Hongkong/Macau of China, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Europe, Thailand, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, UAE, Canada, USA etc.

Vehicle structuring information

Able to recognize different vehicle features, such as the vehicle model, vehicle type, and vehicle color

License plate recognition features

Number, color, type and width

Whitelist of license plates

Adopt rules to match license plates in the whitelist accurately, intelligently and fuzzily

Intelligent calibration

Able to calibrate the license plate number, license plate type and license plate color intelligently with the accurate or wildcard methods






Basic configuration

Embedded intelligent ISP algorithm.

Able to intelligently optimize the dimming algorithm, and intelligently adapt to complex scenarios.

Basic parameters (brightness/definition/gain/ exposure time) can be set independently.


4 Megapixel starlight CMOS



Low illumination

0.1 Lux color

Electronic shutter

0-10 ms the default is 5 ms.

Standard lens

2.8-12mm zoom lens

Image Indicator

Image settings

Brightness, gain, and exposure time

Noise reduction

2D/3D noise reduction is available




Video compression standard


Video resolution

352*288, 704*576, 1280*720, 1920*1080, 2560*1440

Compress the output bit rate


Frame rate

1~25 frames and the default value is 25.


Communication protocol


HTTP push

Able to upload recognition results, and re-upload them offline







Offline networking

Without any upper computers or servers, operation networking can be achieved among different cameras

Offline billing

Supports setting billing rules by car type, duration, frequency, time period, ladder, etc.

Blacklist and whitelist

Cooperate with strategies to meet vehicle hierarchical management

Primary and secondary cameras

Multiple cameras can be added to the same entrance/exit, such as one primary and one secondary, which can be applicable to scenarios with the big angle or wide entrance/exit

Screen display protocol

Supports docking with LED screen displays of mainstream brands and outputs identification\billing results



Management protocol

PC\mobile management, PC management tools, SDK development kit, HTTP push

Cloud management

Remotely manage a single camera, centrally manage multiple cameras through accounts, and support cloud SDK development and management platform





Interface Key

Network interface

1-way 10/100 Mbps adaptive RJ45 port

I/O Output


I/O Input

4-way (the default switch quantity to switch different level signals)




1-way A-type USB interface

Reset key

1-way RESET key

System indicator

1-way GPIO status indicator

Power supply indicator

1-Way power supply indicator





Reliability indicator


Operating temperature: -30~+75 ℃

Static electricity

Contact 6 kV, air 8 kV


Electric surge 2 kV

Interface surge 6 kV


Power supply EFT 2 kV

Data cable EFT 2 kV

Power supply

12V DC

Power consumption

Power consumption≤4 W



Structure Parameter

Fill light

4 lights


Whole machine: 443 mm*146 mm*105 mm


Single Camera Box


Single Camera Weight



4MP ALPR ANPR Camera Dimension

LOYALTY-SECU ANPR Camera System with Multiple Barrier Gates for Option

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