All In One ALPR License Plate Recognition System With Barrier Gate

Model: LY-AOR-008

• Camera solution: 1/3 CMOS, 2MP
• Camera Lens: 2.8~12mm
• Camera recognition distance: 3 ~ 10m
• ANPR system recognition rate: > 98%
• License plate recognition ability: > 120 Countries
• Interface: TCP/IP, RS485
• Power supply: 12V 2A
• With the professional ANPR Management Software
• ALPR Camera System with Barrier Gate
• With 2 lines LED Display

1. Brief Introduction


LOYALTY-SECU License Plate Recognition Camera, ANPR/ALPR refers to a technology that can detect vehicles on a monitored road and automatically extract vehicle license plate information (including Chinese characters, English letters, Arabic numbers, and plate colors) for processing. License plate recognition is one of the important components in modern intelligent transportation systems, and it is widely used. Based on technologies such as digital image processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision, it analyzes the vehicle images or video sequences taken by the camera to obtain the unique license plate number of each car to complete the recognition process.

 Through some subsequent processing methods, functions such as parking lot charging management, traffic flow control index measurement, vehicle positioning, car anti-theft, automatic supervision of highway speeding, electronic police running red lights, highway toll stations, etc. can be realized. It has practical significance for maintaining traffic safety and urban security, preventing traffic jams, and realizing automated traffic management.


The car license plate number is the only “identity” mark of the vehicle. The automatic license plate recognition technology can realize the automatic registration and verification of the car’s “identity” without any changes to the car. This technology has been applied to highway toll collection, parking management, and weighing system, traffic guidance, traffic law enforcement, highway inspection, vehicle dispatching, vehicle inspection and other occasions.



LOYALTY-SECU ANPR Camera with Barrier Gate System main includes license plate number recognition, license plate number display screen, intelligent barrier gate, vehicle detector and other parts, each part can perform its own function as follows.

2. Main Function of ANPR LPR Camera

Exposure control based on license plate brightness

Support continuous video collection and capture, two working modes, the imaging parameters of the two modes are independently controlled

Support OSD information overlay

Support internet auto-connection, real plug and play

10M/100M compatible Ethernet port

With WEB server function, can be accessed through a browser

Supports multiple network protocols such as TCP/IP protocol, can set parameters and view device status through application software or web browser, and can trigger the alarm through network

Support dynamic IP address, support LAN, Internet (ADSL, cable)

Can be upgraded remotely through the network, and realize remote maintenance

Each device occupies an IP address, multiple users can perform network monitoring at the same time

Extremely optimized embedded license plate recognition algorithm: the comprehensive recognition rate is higher than 99%

Video stream recognition optimization processing: guarantee the recognition accuracy to the greatest extent

Excellent imaging automatic control: automatic tracking of light changes, effective suppression of forward and backlight; suppression of car headlights at night; fill light is controlled based on image analysis algorithms, avoiding the instability of traditional photo resistance fill light

Intelligent processing of vehicles without license plates: multiple trigger mechanisms to ensure the normal traffic management of vehicles without license plates (or severely defaced, etc.)

Vehicle recognition types: bus, medium bus, truck, van, car, SUV

Recognition features: number, color, type, width

Recognition result: vehicle feature image, license plate image, license plate number, color, type, passing time

Support loop coil, video, RS485, internet and other trigger methods

Support work with vehicle detector, loop coil, radar, supplement light

3. Main Function of ANPR Parking System Display Screen

Based on ARM chip development, high frequency, fast speed and stable operation

Powerful function and advanced design

With 2 lines LED Display

Communication: TCP/IP

Filling light: LED White light

Integrates the information display, voice reminder, barrier gate

Modular plug design, easy installation and maintenance

Power supply: 220V±10%, 50/60Hz

ANPR System with Barrier Gate Demo Video

4. Main function of ANPR Barrier & Gate System

Support more than 120 countries license plate recognition

Support Entry and Exit parameter settings

Support LED display screen information customization

Support Payment rules setting (support eight types’ payment rules)

Support Authorization setting

Support Operator and parking profile

Support Registration of vehicle number plate

Support Renewal/Recharge for the registered vehicle

Support Error correction of vehicle number

Support Surveillance pf software, view of vehicle image, payment information and support manual input vehicle number (Max 20 characters)

Support View of vehicle record and operator record

Support View of operator charge report, entry & exit vehicle report and parking fee report

5. The Workflow of ANPR Solution

Process description:

Entry: the ANPR Camera Barrier Gate System captures an image by means of vehicle head detection or loop coil trigger or camera detector, and the image is transmitted to the software.

The software algorithm recognizes the image, writes the recognition result into the database and returns it to the camera, and the camera sends the switch signal to barrier switch.

Exit: the ANPR Barrier System captures an image by means of vehicle head detection or loop coil trigger or camera detector, and the image is transmitted to the software.

The software algorithm recognizes the image, outputs the recognition result and compares it with the entrance recognition result in the database. The comparison is successful and the result is returned to the camera.

6. The Interface of ANPR Software


7.Support Multiple Languages

8. Support Global License Plate Recognition Ability over 120 Countries

LOYALTY-SECU ANPR algorithm supports recognizing the countries’ vehicle license plates below:

China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Georgia, Indonesia, Macau, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Tajikistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, UAE, Turkey, Myanmar, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Laos, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Cyprus, East Timor, India, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, EU standards, France, Poland, Russia, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom , Kosovo, Mexico, United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Kenya, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Uganda , Algeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ghana, Namibia, South Africa, Australia, New Caledonia.


9. Different Installation Environment

There is no turn of the lane, the recognition distance shall be 4-5 meters from the camera horizontal line, and the vertical angle should not exceed 30 degree, the horizontal angle not exceed 55 degree. When there is a turn, leave enough space for the vehicle to turn to ensure that the vehicle is straight before entering the recognition area.

If there is a distance of 4-5 meters before entering the slope, it is recommended that the entrance and exit be installed before entering the slope. Please be careful to avoid backlighting.

If there is not enough distance, the equipment can be disassembled to choose a suitable installation location. Confirming the camera’s recognition distance of 4-5 meters, and adjust the camera’s elevation or depression to ensure that the license plate is displayed horizontally in the lens. Generally, the angle of a straight slope does not exceed 15%, and the angle of a curved ramp does not exceed 12%. During construction, the installation angle of the camera can be adjusted according to the angle of the slope.

The position of the ground sensing coil and the vehicle detector in the slope can be constructed according to the texture of the slope. If the site conditions permit, the ground sensing coil should be constructed on a level ground as much as possible.

If the camera‘s position is somewhere above the slope, then two reduction gear should be installed at 6 and 7 meters from the camera’s horizontal line to ensure that the vehicle’s travel speed is less than 30km / h. At the exit, the installation principles are similar, but only one reduction gear is required at 6 meters.

10. Typical cases


11. Application Scenarios

Border crossings, law enforcement;

Automobile repossessions;

Petrol station to log when a motorist drives away without paying the bill;

Entrance & Exit of the community, supermarket, public parking lot;

Traffic management systems, which determine traffic flow using the time it takes vehicles to pass two ANPR sites;

Analyses of travel behavior (route choice, origin-destination etc.) for transport planning purposes

To assist visitor management systems in recognizing guest vehicles;

Police and auxiliary police;

Car parking companies for car park management – payments and parking enforcement;

To raise or lower automatic barrier gate;

Validating vehicle types and payments at toll stations.

12. The Advantage of LOYALTY-SECU ANPR System

ANPR System with Barrier Gate system is a reliable, accurate and cost effective car park management solution. It is widely used in many places, including supermarkets, retail parks, hotels, hospitals and leisure centers. Reduce labor cost and management difficulty of parking lot system, improve vehicle traffic efficiency.

Ticketless/ card less parking lot management, increase security and Parking access automation. Prevent car theft and prevent “ticket/card loss”

13. Specification

Global License Plate
Recognition Ability
> 120 Countries
Work ModeHardware+ Software
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, etc.
License Plate Character ColorBlack
ApplicationsParking lot, car washing, border crossings, petrol station, hotels/school/office building, scenic spots
Camera Sensor1/3 inch CMOS 2MP
Camera Resolution1920*1080P@25fps; 1280*720P@25fps;
Camera LensVari-focal, manual focus,2.8-12mm
Video CompressionH.265/H.264/MJPEG
Recognition Distance3-10m
Recognition Speed< 30 KM/H
Adapt To Vehicle Speed≤35km/h
White LED4pcs White LEDs,
Support intelligent light filling; Or manually set light filling
2D/3D Noise ReductionSupport
TF CardDefault 32GB SD/TF card, extend capacity to 128GB
PortsTCP/IP port, Power supply port
Network Ports1 port 10/100Mbps self-adaptive RJ45
Communication InterfaceTCP/IP
Display Screen Size64*32mm
Product Size400*300*1380mm
Camera Size50*15*18mm
Camera Packaging Box Size37*14.5*11.5cm
Camera Packaging Box Weight2.5KG
Barrier Gate3meter
Hardware List1pcs Camera, 1 pcs Filling light, 1pcs LED display (2 lines), 1pcs barrier gate
Rated Voltage220 V /110V±10%
Filling Light VoltageAutomatic light sensor< 30Lux
Vehicle DetectorFor option
Ground Sense CoilFor option
ANPR SoftwareFor option
USB DongleStored with ANPR Software ( for option)
Camera Cabinet MaterialIron plate metal 2.0
Working Humidity≤85%
Working Temperature-25℃~70℃
Power SupplyDC12V
Warranty1 Year & lifetime technical support
OEM/ODM ServiceSupport


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R&D Oriented Surveillance Equipment Manufacturer

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