Long range ptz camera

A long range PTZ camera is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used in a variety of settings, from surveillance to security. This type of camera offers a number of advantages over traditional cameras, including the ability to zoom in and out, pan around, and tilt up and

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How PTZ Cameras Can Enhance Your Security System?

PTZ cameras are an efficient way to monitor large areas. They allow for pans, tilts and zooming in any direction while keeping a 360 degree view of what’s happening around them with their 180-degree lens or just under one mile distance between you and whatever is being monitored! These mechanical

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Pick the Right Solar Power Kit for Your Surveillance Camera

Step 1: Confirming the total power consumption of the surveillance camera. Step 2: Ensure the solar panel’s electricity generation capacity is greater than the surveillance camera total power consumption. Step 3: Select the right lithium battery for solar power kit based on the continuous working days (under cloudy & rainy

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LOYALTY-SECU Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

Dear Friends, LOYALTY-SECU Team will have the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday on June 03,2022. Remembering our ancestors, cherishing life, cease to struggle and you cease to live! About Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is in late May or June on the Gregorian

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LOYALTY-SECU International Worker’s Day Holiday Notice 2022

Dear Business Partner, Please be kindly notice, LOYALTY-SECU International Worker’s Day Holiday starts from April 30 to May 04,2022. We will continue to serve you after the holidays. For Any urgent subjects, please call us @ Miss Ya   Mob: +86 15507518905 Shenzhen LOYALTY-SECU Technology Co., LTD

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