How to Change Your Old Printer into Brand New Bluetooth Printer?

Dear Friends, LOYALTY-SECU always focusing on providing the high quality products with excellent work performances. Today, we would like to introduce our Bluetooth Network Print Server, with this Mini and Portable Device, will make your old printer with Bluetooth function in seconds. Here are the quick setting methods: Chapter 1:

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Network Print Server Package Update Notice

Dear Partners, Thank you so much for the continuous business support. In order to boost your marketing of our network print server products. LOYALTY-SECU provides two types packing box of the USB Print Servers since June,2021: With LOYALTY-SECU Brand Packing Box Neutral Packing Box We look forward to having more

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LOYALTY-SECU Network Print Server for Cloud Print

Cloud Print Highlights: Fast Stable Low-cost Safe: Provide fast Internet remote printing service for system integration. Any type of printers can easily realize network printing function, includes printing sharing, mobile phone self-service printing, scan code printing, order printing, etc. Cross-Network Printing: Cloud printing allows printing to go beyond the local

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LOYALTY-SECU Selling Network Print Servers on Amazon

Dear Partners, In order to offer the cost-effective network print server sample purchase solution to you, speed up the sample delivery time, LOYALTY-SECU decided to offer the network print server products via Amazon. After sample approval, for large order procurement, welcome to contact us directly to save your purchasing cost.

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3 USB Port Network Print Server New Arrival

Dear Partners, LOYALTY-SECU Focus on Changing the Multi-USB Printers into LAN(Network) Connection via our 3 USB Port Network Print Server. Product Highlights: With 3 USB Port, support to work with 3 USB Printers simultaneously. Support the print and scan function via Ethernet Support Multi-person sharing a printer WiFi & Bluetooth

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FAQ For the WiFi Bluetooth Print Server Printer Adapter

Q1: Why the Print Server Config Tool didn’t recognize the print server via Windows System? A1: After connected to the computer, the print server will automatically power on and start. The entire startup process takes about 20 seconds, then the print server config tool will display USB sign in the

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Happy May 1st Labor Day!!

Dear Partners, A Salute to All Those Hard-Working Men and Women from Different Industries worldwide. LOYALTY-SECU Labor Day Holiday Starts from May 1st to May 5th ,2021. Wish you all have a wonderful holiday. Shenzhen LOYALTY-SECU Technology Co., LTD

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How To Choose the Right Solar Power Kit for A Surveillance Camera

Step 1: Confirming the total power consumption of the surveillance camera. Eg: For a security camera, in day time, the power consumption is 2W,2W *14hr=28Wh; In night time, the power consumption is 10W,10W*10hr=100Wh .So in a day(24hrs), the total power consumption: 128Wh. Step 2: Ensure the solar panel’s electricity generation

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How to start the ANPR System Construction Preparation of Coil Loop

1.Before construction of the coil loop, the position, size and number of circles shall be confirmed according to the overall wiring arrangement of the project. The number of circles determine the inductance of the entire coil between 100-200 (UHF), and 150-180 (UHF) is recommended to ensure the perfect working range

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