Mini Solar Battery Powered Low Power 4G PTZ Camera

Model: LY-U2-204G-8W

  • 2MP Mini Outdoor Solar Low Power 4G PTZ Camera
  • With PIR Human Motion Detection & Body Induction, support max 12 meters PIR detection range.
  • 4mm F2.0 lens, Low lux., wide view angle: 120 degrees. 4X Digital Zoom
  • Support up to 128G Micro SD card. Support cloud storage.
  • Starlight full color night vision, work distance up to 30 meters.
  • PIR Solar 4G Camera Operating Mode: Low power working mode, PIR alarm triggers the recording.
  • The Solar Low Power Outdoor Camera with built-in Mic and Speakers, support two-way audio.
  • The Low power solar 1080P camera works with 8W monocrystalline silicon solar panel.
  • Built-in 6 pcs 18650 battery, total volume max 19200mAh
  • ABS fireproof plastic material, vandal-proof, waterproof level IP65
  • 6pcs array infrared LEDs, night vision distance up to 30m. Full Color Day/Night
  • The Low Power Solar 4G PTZ Camera supports to control rotation, remote monitoring, alarm call via mobile phone.


LOYALTY-SECU Low Power 4G Solar PTZ Camera 1080P with low power consumption design means the device should “sleep”, or idle, as often as possible. Every time the Solar 4G Camera is awakened and will work for few seconds. After that, the device will enter to standby mode to save power. You can set the work time in the app setting. the device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery. 

The battery life will be affected by the 4G IP Camera wake-up time and the number of wake-up. An event-triggered solar powered 4G camera system is an excellent way to save power and energy.

Demo Video

Main Features

* Connect to 4G Network: After installing the SIM Card for the solar camera, open the APP to view the recording and receive alarm messages anytime, anywhere.

* Remote Alarm Reminder: The Low Power IP Camera is working under the standby (Auto-sleep) state, and when there have the events happened within the monitoring range of the solar PTZ camera, the alarm message will be sent to the users immediately. Alarm prompt can choose push message and incoming call.

* Remote Viewing and Playback: After the Solar powered 4G Camera is connected to the network, open the monitoring app through the mobile phone to watch the real-time picture, online playback with video records stored in the memory card.

* Remote Control Rotation: While viewing the screen in the APP, you can also operate the direction button to control the direction of the camera shooting, horizontal rotation 355°, vertical rotation 120 °

* Excellent Starlight Night Vision: In the low-light environment, it usually means that there is no auxiliary light source in the starlight environment and can display clear color images. It’s much better than ordinary cameras to display only black and white images at night.

* IP65 Waterproof: Solar surveillance cameras work in the sun and will naturally encounter rainy weather. The waterproof rating is IP65, which can work continuously in the rain

* Voice Intercom: The Low Power Battery Camera works with video recording function and the sound is synchronized when viewing and playing back the video recording screen. Voice intercom is also available for real-time monitoring.

* PIR Human Motion Detection: Within the scope of monitoring, a person, an animal or vehicle will activate the Low Power 4G Camera to start recording, and at the same time remotely alarm will be sent to the mobile app.

* PIR Human Body Induction: Any item is irradiated at room temperature. The higher the temperature of the object, the stronger the infrared radiation. Once the human body infrared radiation comes in through the optical system, the Pyroelectric device generates a sudden electrical signal, thereby trigger the Low Power Solar IP Camera to work.

* Multi-Users Viewing: When the Ultra- Low Power Solar Camera is connected to the network, up to 100 people can be view at the same time. The mobile app can add up to 100 devices.

* 8W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel: Suitable for working at the temperatures between -30℃ and 65℃. 5W fast charging is comparable to the speed of a mobile phone which with 5V1A.More than 91% power output conversion rate, single crystal efficiency 19.6% 3.7V over discharge protection,4.2V overcurrent protection.

* 1080P HD Lens: The focal length of the Low Power Starlight Color Solar Camera refers to the distance between the lens and photosensitive element. The magnification of the lens is approximately equal to the ratio of the focal length to the object distance. This product adapts 4MM Lens angle up to 120 ° and around 30m full color night vision.

* Work Scenarios: Outdoor 4G PTZ Camera with low power mode are suitable for use in outdoor environments where the sun is more abundant and convenient such as: Orchards, Farm, Fishponds, Villas, Construction sites, Hunting, etc.


Solar powered 4G Camera connects to 4G Network

Remote Alarm Reminder

Remote Control Rotation

Excellent Starlight Night Vision

IP65 Waterproof

Voice Intercom

PIR Human Motion Detection

Multi-Users Viewing

8W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel

1080P HD Lens

Work Scenarios


4G nano SIM cardSoutheast Asia:B1/B3/B5/B8/B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
America: B2/B4/B5/B12/B13/B14/B25/B26/B41/B66/B71
Europe: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B38/B40/B41
4G Camera Master sensor1080P: lngenic T31ZL+2063
1440P:lngenic T31ZX+4653(4MP Solution for option)
ResolutionMainstream: 1920×1080@15fps, Sub stream: 640×360@15fps
Compression formatH.265
Video file formatMP4
Camera lens4mm F2.0 lens, Low lux., wide view angle: 120 degrees. 4X digital zoom
Camera Night vision6pcs array infrared LEDs, night vision distance 30m. Full-color day/night
4G Camera Audio CompressionG.726/AAC. Audio code rate: 8Kbps, 16bit
Audio Input/OutputBuilt-in MIC and Speakers, support two-way audio
PIR motion detectionSupport max 12 meters PIR detection range.
Alarm linkageAlarm record videos to Micro SD card; Alarm mobile phone message push
Camera memory cardSupport up to 128G Micro SD card. Support cloud storage
Camera recordPIR alarm recording.
Camera ReplaySupport App remote play and download the video
Solar panels8W monocrystalline silicon solar panel
4G Camera BatteryBuilt-in 6 pcs 18650 battery, total volume max 19200mAh
Operating modeLow power working mode
Wake-up methodPIR alarm wakes up, remote manual wakes up
HibernationWhen alarm end or remote connection disconnected.
Power consumptionSleeping stand-by power: 0.03W; Working: 1.3W@days/3W@night
PTZ Rotation angleHorizon Pan: 0°~355°, Vertical Tilt: 0°~90°
PTZ Spinning speedHorizontal speed: 10°~ 30°/S; Vertical speed: 8°~ 25°/S
Power inputDC5V 2A
EnvironmentEnvironment -20℃~+60℃(-4℉~+140℉), Humidity 10%~80%, non-condensing
Shell materialABS fireproof plastic material, vandal-proof, waterproof level IP65
Power cableType-C interface, extension cable 1.8 meters
Product Size265mm×175mm×230mm(L×W×H)
Package dimensions 288mmx203mmx170mm(L×W×H). Package weight: 1.93kg
Packing listIP Camera, Solar panel, Support, Mounting screws, Screwdriver, USB cable, Manual


Resources and Downloads

Resources and Downloads

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