120W 40AH Solar Surveillance Power Kit Solar Generator System

Model: LY-SPS-40AH

  • 120W/40AH Solar Power Kit
  • Solar Panel: 18V/120W Monocrystalline silicon
  • Automotive grade Lithium battery: 12V-40AH
  • Battery type: EV MnNiCo ternary 18650 Lithium
  • Upgraded solar power kit installation design
  • Hikvision Similar Installation Bracket, truly “ Plug and Play”, IP67 Waterproof
  • All in one installation design, the lithium battery was embedded and sealed in the metal bracket
  • 2 Year warranty, free replacement within one year
  • Accept the solar power supply system customization


Solar Power Kit Advantages:

* No Wire, No Hassle, Wiring Cost and Trouble Saving
* Reliable & Independent for Remote Site Monitoring 
* Quick and Fast Deployment
Intelligent and high performance solar power system description:


1.Upgraded solar power kit installation design, high stability, easy to install. Battery parameters are exactly same as the old solar power kit, only the battery shell and mounting bracket have been optimized.
2. Upgraded solar power kit with built-in battery charge and discharge protection control board and intelligent solar controller, ensure the whole solar power supply process is safe and high efficiency
3. Adopt Hikvision similar bracket installation design, truly ”plug and play” function, high waterproof performance IP67
4. All in one installation design, the lithium battery was embedded and sealed in the metal bracket, space saving, brings nearly 100% high water-proof ability, minimize the defect rate, convenient installation, minimize maintenance costs
5. Adopts the high quality materials, high performance charge-discharge lithium battery, ensure long service life.
6. All in one package design, brings the arbitrary installation possibilities for users worldwide, especially the DIY users
7. 2 Year warranty, free replacement within one year
8. Equipped with the automotive grade monocrystalline silicon solar panel+ EV MnNiCo ternary 18650 Lithium battery, heat & cold resistance, temperature Detection, etc, ensure a long using life.
9. With ultra low consumption (μA standard), no leak happens even when the battery has been idle for one year.
10. Solar panel with an-reverse protection, brings nearly zero risks during the installation.
11. Adopting the low voltage protection technology, avoid the frequent reboot while the cameras under low voltage mode, it largely reduced the failure rate.
12.With the realtime monitoring for the solar panel work condition, lithium battery work condition and the transformation of load power consumption.
13. Solar powered kits for both AC and DC systems are available.


Solar Power Kit ModelLY-SPS-40AH-N
Solar Power Kit Include Items1PCS Solar Panel, 1 PCS Lithium Battery
1 Set Bracket, 1 Set Install Screws
Solar Power Kit Carton Size116*74*19CM
Solar Power Kit GW20KG
Solar panel typeMonocrystalline silicon 120W
Solar panel Voltage/Consumption18V/120W
Power tolerance+3%
Rated voltage17.56V
Service life25 Years
Maximum power120W
Maximum power voltage17.56V
Maximum current2.85A
Short-circuit current3.45A
Open-circuit current22.32V
Temperature coefficient of ISC+0.04
TC of VOC-0.38
TC of Consumption-0.47
TC of IM+0.04
TC of VM-0.38
Temperature range-40° ~ +85°
Rated current of bypass diode12A
Load capacity23m/s,7.53g
Max load capacity of Surface2400Pa
Solar panel size92*67*3CM
Solar panel weight7.25KG
Battery modelBAT01-40AH
Battery cellEV MnNiCo ternary 18650 Lithium
Battery capacityMin 40Ah,Max 40.9Ah
Nominal voltage12V
Charge/Discharge protection voltage12.6V/9V
Normal charging current10A
Max Charge/Discharge current20A
Discharge temperature
-20°~ 60°
Charge temperature (Recommend)-5°~45°
Solar panel types
18V Monocrystalline / Polycrystalline silicon solar panels, thin-film solar panels
Solar panel capacity
Total power load ≤100W/D,Suggest to use 50W Solar Panel
Total power load >100W/D,Suggest to use 50W-100W Solar Panel
Intelligent Solar power system1.Solar panel with an-reverse protection
2.Support the tracking for the Max power generation efficiency of solar panel
3.Support the realtime detection of generation voltage and generation current, and the data upload
4.Support the detection of battery capacity, and the data upload
5.Support the detection of total load’s realtime current ,and the data upload
6. With the low voltage protection technology
Storage time≥18 months(25°)
Battery weight4.5KG

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