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Advantages of LOYALY-SECU Multi-sensor Multi-lens Panoramic Fixed & PTZ Camera System

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Why Choose Panoramic Smart Linkage Multi-Sensor Multi-Lens Fixed & PTZ Camera System?

The Fixed Lens & Zoom Lens Smart Linkage Camera Monitoring System has the advantages of panoramic monitoring and detail monitoring, saving costs, simple configuration, and multi-target tracking. It can be widely used in multiple scenarios in urban construction, such as ports, docks, urban intersections, etc., to solve traditional problems in safety construction.

Advantage 1: Take the Panoramic View and See the Details

Fixed Lens & PTZ Zoom Lens linkage camera system, that is, “point and surface combination system”, “master-slave tracking system”, panoramic cameras with wide angle, short focal length lens to achieve greater monitoring range, PTZ detail camera with long focal length lens to achieve small range of focus details monitoring. Multiple fixed focus cameras to see the panorama, the PTZ surveillance camera high-speed capture details, to achieve the monitored scene “no blind area, no dead angle” monitoring, to solve the traditional problem of safe construction, this system in the large scene multi-target dynamic monitoring, to prevent illegal gathering of personnel, to capture the details of specific people can play a significant role.

Advantages 2: With Fixed-point Cruise Function

Cruise refers to stringing together multiple preset points to form a route. After setting up, call the cruise, and the dome will automatically repeat the route. It adopts multi-point preset design and fixed-point scanning monitoring. Multiple monitoring points can be preset to cruise back and forth throughout the day to capture videos in an all-round way, with 360° no blind spots and no coverage of the monitoring area.

Advantages 3Save Server and Maintenance Costs

The Fixed & PTZ Camera linkage monitoring system uses high-definition network cameras and smart dome cameras to form a “Fixed Lens & PTZ Zoom Camera linkage system”. It does not require server support and is completely intelligent front-end, greatly simplifying system equipment and configuration costs, and saving server hardware costs. Fewer cameras mean less power consumption, less investment in storage devices and less investment in maintenance costs.

The installation of the product is simple, and only one power cord and one network cable need to be deployed under the vertical pole to complete the installation of the system, saving wiring, construction, and maintenance costs.

Advantages 4: One-click Calibration Makes Configuration Simpler

When the Fixed & PTZ Camera linkage system is installed and debugged, it supports “one-click calibration”, which means that the precise positioning of the camera can be automatically completed using a simple operation method, thereby improving accuracy and efficiency and quickly completing the Multi-Sensor smart linkage configuration.

Advantages 5: Supports Manual/Automatic Tracking and Click Linkage

The Fixed & PTZ Camera linkage tracking method of the Multi-Sensor & Multi-Lens linkage system supports manual tracking and automatic tracking options. Manual Tracking: you can flexibly select key details in the panoramic picture, select a target at a single point or frame in the panoramic picture, and drive the dome camera to continuously and stably track the target; Automatic Tracking: when there is a trigger in the network fixed camera screen, the dome camera automatically tracks the target (turn on the intelligent detection function in the network camera); Click Linkage: single point or frame selection of the network fixed cameras screen to link the PTZ camera to take a detailed close-up of the target.

Advantages 6: Support Multi-target Patrol Tracking

The early One Fixed Camera + One PTZ Linkage Monitoring System could not track multiple moving targets at the same time. The Multi-Sensors Fixed Cameras & PTZ Camera Linkage system supports Multi-target patrol tracking. The network fixed cameras have comprehensive smart functions and supports a variety of behavior detection, such as regional intrusion, cross-border detection and other intelligent detection functions, and can realize Multi-objects detection and alarm. Under the premise of setting up intelligent detection functions (such as regional intrusion, cross-border detection, etc.), when multiple targets enter the screen, the network fixed cameras intelligently determine the first target that triggers the rule, and quickly links the PTZ dome camera for zoom tracking. The tracking time can be set (the time can be set from 0 to 60 seconds). After the dome camera completes the tracking time, it will continue to track the next target that triggers the network fixed cameras rules. Until all targets in the screen have completed tracking, it will continue to patrol and track and trigger the network fixed cameras repeatedly. The target of the camera rules can realize the dome camera’s patrol tracking of each target, and the number of targets in the picture is not limited.

Application scenarios:

In urban construction, the Fixed Lens Camera + PTZ Zoom Camera monitoring system can be used in multiple scenarios, such as ports, docks, urban commanding heights, urban intersections, roads, squares, airports, perimeters, entrances and exits of key units, etc.

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